GeoAPI 2.3

GeoAPI 2.3 was the development branch of GeoAPI 3.0, which is formalized in the OGC 09-083 document. This release requires a Java environment Java 5 or higher.

Changes in API

The following table gives the links to all changes in the 2.3 series of milestones. The cell in the upper-left corner links to the most recent API changes. The last column links to the API changes in any milestone since 2.3-M1. The changes since 2.3-M1 give the cleanest picture of what actually changed, because the changes since the previous version are often "polluted" by the methods that are deprecated before to be removed.

Changes in M6 since: M5 M4 M3 M2 M1
Changes in M5 since: M4 M3 M2 M1
Changes in M4 since: M3 M2 M1
Changes in M3 since: M2 M1
Changes in M2 since: M1
Changes in M1 since:

Release notes

Version 2.3-M9

  • GEO-184 - Move Factory and related exception classes to org.opengis.util

Version 2.3-M8

  • Minor compatible editions only.

Version 2.3-M7

  • GEO-165 - Upgrade the JSR-275 dependency. There is no change in GeoAPI interfaces.

Version 2.3-M6

  • GEO-187 - Typo in metadata method names or annotations. This is completing the fix provided in 2.3-M5 by fixing the case of letters in class names.

Version 2.3-M5

  • GEO-187 - Typo in metadata method names or annotations
  • GEO-072 - Proposal for RecordType/Record implementation
  • GEO-183 - Need to simplify the distribution (geoapi / geoapi-pending / geoapi-dummy-pending)

Version 2.3-M4

  • GEO-168 - Proposal implementation of the ISO 19115-2
  • GEO-174 - New ISO 19111:2007 interface: CC_Formula
  • GEO-182 - OperationMethod.[source|target]Dimensions now optional in latest ISO 19111

Version 2.3-M3

  • GEO-175 - Remove VerticalDatumType.ELLIPSOIDAL
  • GEO-133 - ISO 19111 departure in VerticalDatumType.ELLIPSOIDAL
  • GEO-167 - Move to plurial some getters that returns a collection
  • GEO-085 - Bearing has angle with no units.
  • GEO-156 - NPE in org.opengis.feature.IllegalAttributeException.toString()
  • GEO-169 - Consider making CodeList.valueOf(String) to ignore whitespaces

Version 2.3-M2

  • GEO-162 - Util: Drop the Clonable interface since it's almost not used.
  • GEO-163 - Annotation: Drop the Profile annotation and Compliance enum
  • GEO-166 - Specifying the condition when an attribute is annotated with UML(obligation=CONDITIONAL)
  • GEO-171 - Move some interfaces from "geoapi" to "geoapi-pending"
  • GEO-158 - PropertyIsLike option to ignore case
  • GEO-161 - ISO 19111 departure in CompoundCRS
  • GEO-178 - IncompatibleOperationException is a checked exception, but not used anywhere
  • GEO-170 - NameFactory.createNameSpace(...) need to be more extensible
  • GEO-176 - Javadocs for all CodeLists need to distinguish family() and values()
  • GEO-173 - Drop org.opengis.referencing.operation.Operation
  • GEO-177 - Add CoordinateOperationAuthorityFactory.createOperationMethod(String);

Version 2.3-M1

  • GEO-071 - Incorrect implementation of org.opengis.util.GenericName
  • GEO-077 - Standardized mapping: ISO 19103 to Java/GeoAPI
  • GEO-172 - New ISO 19111:2007 interface: CS_GeodeticCS
  • GEO-054 - Add setter methods to metadata interfaces
  • GEO-083 - Metadata is missing the "application" package
  • GEO-145 - Make GeneralName easier to understand
  • GEO-009 - Create a link toward JIRA from the GeoAPI main page
  • GEO-042 - Publish a table of stable modules and modules in progress
  • GEO-074 - Consider removing package (to be replaced by org.opengis.sld).
  • GEO-132 - Document better the departure from OGC/ISO specifications
  • GEO-140 - Add a @pending javadoc annotation to any experimental interface
  • GEO-157 - Split geoapi in two modules: "geoapi" and "pending"
  • GEO-160 - Remove packages GO, Layer and clean deprecated sld packages classes
  • GEO-164 - Create a specification draft for June 2009 OGC meeting (Boston)