Interface CartesianCS

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AffineCS, CoordinateSystem, IdentifiedObject

@UML(identifier="CS_CartesianCS", specification=ISO_19111) public interface CartesianCS extends AffineCS
A 1-, 2-, or 3-dimensional coordinate system. Gives the position of points relative to orthogonal straight axes in the 2- and 3-dimensional cases. In the 1-dimensional case, it contains a single straight coordinate axis. In the multi-dimensional case, all axes shall have the same length unit of measure. A CartesianCS shall have one, two, or three axis associations.
Used with CRS type(s)
Geocentric, Projected, Engineering, Image
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Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Departure due to constraint of the Java language ISO 19111 defines CartesianCS as a direct sub-type of CoordinateSystem. ISO also defines ImageCS as the union of AffineCS and CartesianCS, for use by ImageCRS. Because the union construct found in some languages like C/C++ does not exist in Java, GeoAPI defines CartesianCS as a sub-type of AffineCS in order to achieve the same type safety; also, GeoAPI does not define ImageCS but uses AffineCS instead. In this hierarchy, CartesianCS is considered a special case of AffineCS where all axes are perpendicular to each other.