Package org.opengis.metadata.content

Content information (includes Feature catalogue and Coverage descriptions).


Interface Summary
Band Range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum.
ContentInformation Description of the content of a dataset.
CoverageDescription Information about the content of a grid data cell.
FeatureCatalogueDescription Information identifying the feature catalogue.
ImageDescription Information about an image's suitability for use.
RangeDimension Information on the range of each dimension of a cell measurement value.
RangeElementDescription Description of specific range elements.

Class Summary
BandDefinition Designation of criterion for defining maximum and minimum wavelengths for a spectral band.
CoverageContentType Specific type of information represented in the cell.
ImagingCondition Code which indicates conditions which may affect the image.
PolarizationOrientation Polarization of the antenna relative to the waveform.
TransferFunctionType Transform function to be used when scaling a physical value for a given element.

Package org.opengis.metadata.content Description

Content information (includes Feature catalogue and Coverage descriptions). The following is adapted from OpenGIS® Metadata (Topic 11) specification.

This package contains information identifying the feature catalogue used (feature catalogue description) and/or information describing the content of a coverage dataset (coverage description). Both description entities are subclasses of the content information entity. Coverage description may be subclassed as image description.

GeoAPI 2.0

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