Uses of Interface

Packages that use Identification
org.opengis.metadata Root package for metadata
org.opengis.metadata.identification Identification information (includes data and service identification). 

Uses of Identification in org.opengis.metadata

Methods in org.opengis.metadata that return types with arguments of type Identification
 Collection<? extends Identification> Metadata.getIdentificationInfo()
          Basic information about the resource(s) to which the metadata applies.

Uses of Identification in org.opengis.metadata.identification

Subinterfaces of Identification in org.opengis.metadata.identification
 interface DataIdentification
          Information required to identify a dataset.
 interface ServiceIdentification
          Identification of capabilities which a service provider makes available to a service user through a set of interfaces that define a behaviour - See ISO 19119 for further information.

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