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Package org.opengis.parameter

Description and storage of parameter values.

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Package org.opengis.parameter Description

Description and storage of parameter values. The first two paragraphs below are adapted from OpenGIS® Spatial Referencing by Coordinates (Topic 2) specification.

Most parameter values are numeric, but for some operation methods, notably those implementing a grid interpolation algorithm, the parameter value could be a file name and location (this may be a URI). An example is the coordinate transformation from NAD 27 to NAD 83 in the USA; depending on the locations of the points to be transformed, one of a series of grid files should be used.

Some operation methods may require a large number of coordinate operation parameters. Also, some operation methods require that groups of parameters be repeatable as a group. In such cases, it is helpful to group related parameters in parameter groups. Two or more parameter groups are then associated with a particular operation method, and each parameter group consists of a set of operation parameters, or other, nested parameter groups. This way of modeling is not mandatory; all coordinate operation parameters may be assigned directly to the coordinate operation method.

Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
Moved the GeneralParameterDescriptor, ParameterDescriptor, ParameterDescriptorGroup, GeneralParameterValue, ParameterValue, ParameterValueGroup, InvalidParameterNameException, InvalidParameterTypeException and InvalidParameterValueException interfaces from org.opengis.referencing.operation to org.opengis.parameter. With this move, GeoAPI has extended the use of these parameter classes to a more general use rather than only for referencing operation types.
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