Interface EngineeringCRS

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CoordinateReferenceSystem, IdentifiedObject, ReferenceSystem, SingleCRS

public interface EngineeringCRS
extends SingleCRS

A contextually local coordinate reference system. It can be divided into two broad categories:

Earth-fixed Engineering CRSs are commonly based on a simple flat-earth approximation of the earth's surface, and the effect of earth curvature on feature geometry is ignored: calculations on coordinates use simple plane arithmetic without any corrections for earth curvature. The application of such Engineering CRSs to relatively small areas and "contextually local" is in this case equivalent to "spatially local".

Engineering CRSs used on moving platforms are usually intermediate coordinate reference systems that are computationally required to calculate coordinates referenced to geocentric, geographic or projected CRSs. These engineering coordinate reference systems are subject to all the motions of the platform with which they are associated. In this case "contextually local" means that the associated coordinates are meaningful only relative to the moving platform. Earth curvature is usually irrelevant and is therefore ignored. In the spatial sense their applicability may extend from the immediate vicinity of the platform (e.g. a moving seismic ship) to the entire earth (e.g. in space applications). The determining factor is the mathematical model deployed in the positioning calculations. Transformation of coordinates from these moving Engineering CRSs to earth-referenced coordinate reference systems involves time-dependent coordinate operation parameters.

Used with CS type(s)
Affine, Cartesian, Ellipsoidal, Spherical, Cylindrical, Polar, Vertical, Linear

GeoAPI 1.0

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 EngineeringDatum getDatum()
          Returns the datum, which must be an engineering one.
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Method Detail


EngineeringDatum getDatum()
Returns the datum, which must be an engineering one.

Specified by:
getDatum in interface SingleCRS
The datum.

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