Package org.opengis.util

A set of base types from ISO 19103 which can not be mapped directly from Java, plus utilities.


Interface Summary
CodeList.Filter Used by CodeList.valueOf(Class, Filter) to select codes matching an arbitrary criterion.
Factory Base interface for all factories.
GenericName A sequence of identifiers rooted within the context of a namespace.
InternationalString A string that has been internationalized into several locales.
LocalName Identifier within a name space for a local object.
MemberName The name to identify a member of a record.
NameFactory Factory for generic names and international strings.
NameSpace A domain in which names given by character strings are defined.
Record A list of logically related elements as (name, value) pairs in a dictionary.
RecordSchema A collection of record types.
RecordType The type definition of a record.
ScopedName A composite of a local name (as head) for locating another name space, and a generic name (as tail) valid in that name space.
Type The type definition.
TypeName The name of an attribute type.

Class Summary
CodeList<E extends CodeList<E>> Base class for all code lists.

Exception Summary
FactoryException Thrown when a factory can't create an instance of the requested object.
NoSuchIdentifierException Thrown when an identifier provided to a factory method can not be found.

Package org.opengis.util Description

A set of base types from ISO 19103 which can not be mapped directly from Java, plus utilities.

Names and Namespaces

The job of a "name" in the context of ISO 19103 is to associate that name with an Object. Examples given are objects: which form namespaces for their attributes, and Schema: which form namespaces for their components. A straightforward and natural use of the namespace structure defined in 19103 is the translation of given names into specific storage formats. XML has different naming rules than shapefiles, and both are different than NetCDF. This common framework can easily be harnessed to impose constraints specific to a particular application without requiring that a separate implementation of namespaces be provided for each format.

Records and Schemas

Records and Schemas are similar to a struct in C/C++, a table in SQL, a RECORD in Pascal, or an attribute-only class in Java if it were stripped of all notions of inheritance. They are organized into named collections called Schemas. Both records and schemas behave as dictionaries for their members and are similar to "packages" in Java.

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