GeoAPI 3.0.1

Java interfaces derived from specifications of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


Base package
org.opengis.annotation Set of annotations mapping GeoAPI interfaces to OpenGIS UML or XML schemas.
org.opengis.util A set of base types from ISO 19103 which can not be mapped directly from Java, plus utilities.


org.opengis.metadata Root package for metadata.
org.opengis.metadata.acquisition Acquisition information.
org.opengis.metadata.citation Citation and responsible party information.
org.opengis.metadata.constraint Constraints information (includes legal and security).
org.opengis.metadata.content Content information (includes Feature catalogue and Coverage descriptions).
org.opengis.metadata.distribution Distribution information.
org.opengis.metadata.extent Extent information.
org.opengis.metadata.identification Identification information (includes data and service identification).
org.opengis.metadata.lineage Lineage information.
org.opengis.metadata.maintenance Maintenance information.
org.opengis.metadata.quality Data quality and positional accuracy.
org.opengis.metadata.spatial Spatial representation information (includes grid and vector representation).


Spatial Referencing by Coordinates
org.opengis.parameter Description and storage of parameter values.
org.opengis.referencing Reference systems. Coordinate reference systems (coordinate systems with a datum).
org.opengis.referencing.cs Coordinate systems and their axis.
org.opengis.referencing.datum Geodetic datum (the relationship of a coordinate system to the earth).
org.opengis.referencing.operation Coordinate operations (relationship between any two coordinate reference systems).


Geometry and Topology


Feature and Filter


Java interfaces derived from specifications of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The interfaces were created from UML diagrams found in the ISO and OGC specifications. This javadoc contains only the classes and interfaces to be submited to the OGC GeoAPI 3.0 Standard Working Group for approval. Additional work not subject to OGC attention for GeoAPI 3.0 are listed in the javadoc of pending API.



Future work

Following interfaces defined in GeoAPI 3.0 are empty place-holders. Their methods are defined in GeoAPI-pending and may be integrated in a future release of GeoAPI core:

The signature of the following methods may change in a future GeoAPI release, depending on progress of org.opengis.temporal and Units of Measurement API:

Changes in Date representation Changes in Units of Measurement representation

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