NetCDF bindings

This module provides adapters to the netCDF library. This module provides adapters allowing usage of the following netCDF services as an implementation of GeoAPI interfaces:

  • Metadata services, as wrappers around NetcdfFile.
  • Referencing services, including:
    • Coordinate Reference Systems as wrappers around the netCDF CoordinateSystem object.
    • Coordinate Operations as wrappers around the netCDF Projection object.

Links to the source code are provided in the javadoc. Implementations derived from this module can also inherit the JUnit tests, since they were designed in a reusable way.


All files provided in this module are hereby placed into the Public Domain. This means anyone is free to do whatever they wish with those files. The netCDF wrappers are provided as code examples, in the hope to facilitate GeoAPI implementations backed by other libraries. Implementors can take this source code and use it for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, copyrighted or open-source, with no legal obligation to acknowledge the borrowing/copying in any way.

Note that the GeoAPI interfaces are not in the public domain; they are copyrighted by OGC and distributed under a permissive, BSD-like license. Only the example codes - including this netCDF wrappers module - are in the public domain.


The netCDF bindings can be used in a Maven project using the following pom.xml configuration:

    <name> project</name>