LibreOffice/ add-in

This module demonstrates how GeoAPI services can be used from a complex software like LibreOffice or This add-in adds the following formulas to the Calc software, which can be used in spreadsheets for performing coordinate operations:

OOo Formulas Programmatic names Parameters Supported by this demo
CRS.DESCRIPTION org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getDescription EPSG code incomplete
CRS.SCOPE org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getScope EPSG code no
CRS.VALID.AREA org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getValidArea EPSG code no
CRS.BOUNDING.BOX org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getBoundingBox EPSG code no
CRS.REMARKS org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getRemarks EPSG code no
CRS.AXIS org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getAxis EPSG code, dimension incomplete
CRS.PARAMETER org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getParameter EPSG code, parameter name no
CRS.WKT org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getWKT EPSG code, authority name no
TRANSFORM.WKT org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getTransformWKT EPSG code, authority name no
TRANSFORM.ACCURACY org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getAccuracy source CRS, target CRS no
TRANSFORM.COORD org.opengis.openoffice.XReferencing.getTransformedCoordinates coordinates, source CRS, target CRS yes

This demo uses the Proj.4 binding, which requires a native library. However implementors are free to distribute this add-in with the geoapi-proj4.jar file replaced by their own implementation. See here for instructions.

Users should be able to switch implementations as long as the various add-ins use the same programmatic names than the one listed in the above table, with the same parameters.

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