add-in implementation replacement

The easiest way to try the add-in with a different GeoAPI implementation is to download the geoapi.oxt file, delete the geoapi-proj4.jar file and add the JAR files of the new implementation. Note that the description.xml file needs to be replaced by a new file having different identifier, version, product name, URL and logo. In particular, the identifier value must be unique.

unzip geoapi-$GEOAPI_VERSION.oxt description.xml

# Edit description.xml: put your identifier, product name, URL, etc.

zip -d geoapi-$GEOAPI_VERSION.oxt geoapi-proj4-$GEOAPI_VERSION.jar geoapi.png
zip -9 geoapi-$GEOAPI_VERSION.oxt your-impl.jar your-logo.png description.xml