Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
GeoAPI normative The development community in building GIS solutions is sustaining an enormous level of effort. The GeoAPI project aims to reduce duplication and increase interoperability by providing neutral, interface-only APIs derived from OGC/ISO Standards.
GeoAPI pending Incubator for interfaces under development. Those interfaces will migrate to the GeoAPI normative module when they will be considered ready.
GeoAPI conformance Utility methods for testing conformance of a GeoAPI implementation. Provides Validators for testing the conformance of an existing instance, and suites of JUnit tests.
GeoAPI examples Examples of a simple GeoAPI implementations.
GeoAPI-PROJ bindings A "proof of concept" implementation of GeoAPI using JNI binding to the PROJ library. This module requires the PROJ native library version 4.8 or above.
GeoAPI-GDAL bindings A "proof of concept" implementation of GeoAPI using Java and Python bindings to the GDAL library.
GeoAPI-netCDF bindings A "proof of concept" implementation of GeoAPI as adapters around the netCDF library. The netCDF library provides metadata, referencing and coverage services.
Processing tools Javadoc taglets and annotation processing tools for processing GeoAPI after compilation. Those tools are used mostly for javadoc generation.