Interface ContinuousCoverage

    • Method Detail

      • getElements

        Set<? extends ValueObject> getElements()
        Returns the set of value objects used to evaluate the coverage. This association is optional - an analytical coverage needs no value objects.
        the value used to evaluate the coverage, or null if not applicable.
      • getInterpolationMethod

        InterpolationMethod getInterpolationMethod()
        Returns a code that identifies the interpolation method that shall be used to derive a feature attribute value at any direct position within the value object. This attribute is optional - no value is needed for an analytical coverage (one that maps direct position to attribute value by using a mathematical function rather than by interpolation).
        the interpolation method, or null if not applicable.
      • getInterpolationParameterTypes

        RecordType getInterpolationParameterTypes()
        Returns the optional parameter types for interpolation. Although many interpolation methods use only the values in the coverage range as input to the interpolation function, there are some methods that require additional parameters. This optional attribute specifies the types of parameters that are needed to support the interpolation method identified by the interpolation method. It is a dictionary of names and data types.
        the interpolation parameter types, or null if not applicable.
      • evaluateInverse

        Set<? extends DomainObject<?>> evaluateInverse​(Record v)
        Locates the geometry-value pairs for which value equals the specified record, and return the set of domain objects belonging to those pairs. Normally, the domain objects that shall be returned are those belonging to the geometry-value pairs associated with the value objects of which this continuous coverage is composed. However, the operation may return other domain objects derived from those in the domain, as specified by the application schema. The operation shall return an empty set if none of the geometry-value pairs associated with the continuous coverage has a value equal to the specified record.

        Example:This operation could return a set of contours derived from the feature attribute values associated with the grid points of a grid coverage.

        Specified by:
        evaluateInverse in interface Coverage
        v - the feature attributes.
        the domain where the attributes are found.