Interface DiscretePointCoverage

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    Coverage, DiscreteCoverage

    public interface DiscretePointCoverage
    extends DiscreteCoverage
    A discrete coverage characterized by a finite domain consisting of points. Generally, the domain is a set of irregularly distributed points. However, the principal use of discrete point coverages is to provide a basis for continuous coverage functions, where the evaluation of the continuous coverage function is accomplished by interpolation between the points of the discrete point coverage. Most interpolation algorithms depend upon a structured pattern of spatial relationships between the points. This requires either that the points in the spatial domain of the discrete point coverage be arranged in a regular way, or that the spatial domain of the continuous coverage be partitioned in a regular way in relation to the points of the discrete point coverage. Grid coverages employ the first method; Thiessen polygon coverages and TIN's employ the second.

    EXAMPLE: A set of hydrographic soundings is a discrete point coverage.

    DiscretePointCoverage inherits the elements and the operations locate, find, and list from DiscreteCoverage, with the restriction that the associated geometry-value pairs and those returned by the operations shall be limited to point-value pairs.

    GeoAPI 2.1