Interface DiscreteSolidCoverage

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Coverage, DiscreteCoverage

    public interface DiscreteSolidCoverage
    extends DiscreteCoverage
    A coverage whose domain consists of a collection of solids. Solids or their boundaries may be of any shape. Generally, the solids that constitute the domain of a coverage are mutually exclusive and exhaustively partition the extent of the coverage, but this is not required.

    Example: Buildings in an urban area could be represented as a set of unconnected solids each with attributes such as building name, address, floor space, and number of occupants.

    As in the case of surfaces, the spatial domain of a discrete solid coverage may be a regular or semiregular tessellation of the extent of the coverage. The tessellation can be defined in terms of a 3 dimensional grid, where the set of grid cells is the spatial domain of the coverage.

    GeoAPI 2.1
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