Interface DiscreteSurfaceCoverage

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    Coverage, DiscreteCoverage

    public interface DiscreteSurfaceCoverage
    extends DiscreteCoverage
    A coverage whose domain consists of a collection of surfaces. In most cases, the surfaces that constitute the domain of a coverage are mutually exclusive and exhaustively partition the extent of the coverage. Surfaces or their boundaries may be of any shape. The boundaries of component surfaces often correspond to natural phenomena and are highly irregular.

    Example: A coverage that represents soil types typically has a spatial domain composed of surfaces with irregular boundaries.

    Any set of polygons can be used as a spatial domain for a discrete surface coverage. Spatial domains composed of congruent polygons are very common. Very often, these domains are composed of congruent rectangles or regular hexagons. The geometry of such a tessellation may be described in terms of a quadrilateral grid or a hexagonal grid. The spatial domain of a discrete surface coverage may also consist of the triangles that compose a TIN, or the polygons of a Thiessen polygon network.

    GeoAPI 2.1
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