Interface SegmentedCurveCoverage

  • All Superinterfaces:
    ContinuousCoverage, Coverage

    public interface SegmentedCurveCoverage
    extends ContinuousCoverage
    Model phenomena that vary continuously or discontinuously along curves, which may be elements of a network. The domain of a segmented curve coverage is described by a set of curves and includes all the direct positions in all of the curves in the set.

    Arc-length parameterization of a curve simplifies interpolation between direct positions on the curve. Representation of phenomena that vary discontinuously along a curve requires segmentation of the curve into regions of continuous variation. Such segmentation is also simplified by arc-length parameterization. Curve supports arc-length parameterization. In particular, the operation:


    returns the arc-length distance from the start point of the curve to the input direct position.

    A segmented curve coverage operates on a domain composed of curves. It is composed of a set of ValueCurves, each of which maps feature attribute values to position on a curve.

    GeoAPI 2.1