Interface ThiessenPolygonCoverage

  • All Superinterfaces:
    ContinuousCoverage, Coverage

    public interface ThiessenPolygonCoverage
    extends ContinuousCoverage
    Evaluates a coverage at direct positions within a Thiessen polygon network constructed from a set of discrete point-value pairs. Evaluation is based on interpolation between the centeres of the Thiessen value polygons surrounding the input position.

    Thiessen polygon networks

    A finite collection of points on a plane determines a partition of the plane into a collection of polygons equal in number to the collection of points. A Thiessen polygon is generated from one of a defining set of points by forming the set of direct positions that are closer to that point than to any other point in the defining set. The specific point is called the centre of the resulting polygon. The boundaries between neighbouring polygons are the perpendicular bisectors of the lines between their respective centres. Each polygon shares each of its edges with exactly one other polygon. Each polygon contains exactly one point from the defining set. Thiessen polygons are also known as Voronoi Diagrams or Proximal Sets.

    A Thiessen polygon network is a tessellation of a 2D space using Thiessen polygons. A Thiessen polygon network provides a structure that supports interpolation of feature attribute values from the polygon centres to direct positions within the polygons.

    GeoAPI 2.1
    Provide a figure derived from figure 11 in ISO 19123.