Interface TinCoverage

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    ContinuousCoverage, Coverage

    public interface TinCoverage
    extends ContinuousCoverage
    A continuous coverage characterized by a TIN. The feature attribute values are computed by interpolation within each triangle in the tessellation using the record of feature attribute values provided at each corner; that is, the feature attribute values are produced by an operation on ValueTriangles.

    The basic idea of a TIN is to partition the convex hull of the points in the domain of a discrete point coverage into a computationally unique set of non-overlapping triangles. Each triangle is formed by three of the points in the domain of the discrete point coverage. The Delaunay triangulation method is commonly used to produce TIN tessellations with triangles that are optimally equiangular in shape, and are generated in such a manner that the circumscribing circle containing each triangle contains no point of the discrete point coverage other than those at the vertices of the triangle. Tin describes a Delaunay triangulation.

    GeoAPI 2.1
    Add a figure derived from figure 22 in ISO 19123.