Class ByteInValuePacking

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<ByteInValuePacking>, ControlledVocabulary

    public final class ByteInValuePacking
    extends CodeList<ByteInValuePacking>
    In favor of migrating to ISO 19123 definition for Coverage.
    Specifies the order of the bytes in multi-byte values.
    Warning — this class will change
    Current API is derived from OGC Grid Coverages Implementation specification 1.0. We plan to replace it by new interfaces derived from ISO 19123 (Schema for coverage geometry and functions). Current interfaces should be considered as legacy and are included in this distribution only because they were part of GeoAPI 1.0 release. We will try to preserve as much compatibility as possible, but no migration plan has been determined yet.
    GeoAPI 1.0
    See Also:
    GridPacking, ValueInBytePacking, ByteOrder, Serialized Form
    • Method Detail

      • values

        public static ByteInValuePacking[] values()
        Returns the list of ByteInValuePackings.
        the list of codes declared in the current JVM.
      • family

        public ByteInValuePacking[] family()
        Returns the list of codes of the same kind than this code list element. Invoking this method is equivalent to invoking values(), except that this method can be invoked on an instance of the parent CodeList class.
        Specified by:
        family in interface ControlledVocabulary
        Specified by:
        family in class CodeList<ByteInValuePacking>
        all code values for this code list.
      • valueOf

        public static ByteInValuePacking valueOf​(String code)
        Returns the byte in value packing that matches the given string, or returns a new one if none match it. More specifically, this methods returns the first instance for which name().equals(code) returns true. If no existing instance is found, then a new one is created for the given name.
        code - the name of the code to fetch or to create.
        a code matching the given name.