Interface Grid

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    Grid, GridValuesMatrix, RectifiedGrid, ReferenceableGrid

    public interface Grid
    Contains the geometric characteristics of a qualdrilateral grid. A grid is a network composed of two or more sets of curves in which members of each set intersect the members of other sets in a systematic way. The curves are called grid lines; the points at which they intersect are grid points; the interstices between the grid lines are called grid cells.

    Grid has three subclasses, which lie in two partitions. The Positioning partition includes RectifiedGrid and ReferenceableGrid, which contain information that relates the grid coordinates to an external coordinate reference system. The Valuation partition includes GridValuesMatrix, which contains information for assigning values from the range to each of the grid points.

    Grid is not an abstract class: an instance of Grid need not be an instance of any of its subclasses. The partitions indicate that an instance of the subclass GridValuesMatrix may be, at the same time, an instance of either the subclass RectifiedGrid or of the subclass ReferenceableGrid.

    GeoAPI 2.1