Interface GridCoordinates

    • Method Detail

      • getDimension

        int getDimension()
        Returns the number of dimensions. This method is equivalent to getCoordinateValues().length. It is provided for efficiency.
        the number of dimensions.
      • getCoordinateValues

        int[] getCoordinateValues()
        Returns one integer value for each dimension of the grid. The ordering of these coordinate values shall be the same as that of the elements of Grid.getAxisNames(). The value of a single coordinate shall be the number of offsets from the origin of the grid in the direction of a specific axis.
        a copy of the coordinates. Changes in the returned array will not be reflected back in this GridCoordinates object.
      • getCoordinateValue

        int getCoordinateValue​(int dimension)
                        throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
        Returns the coordinate value at the specified dimension. This method is equivalent to getCoordinateValues()[i]. It is provided for efficiency.
        dimension - the dimension for which to obtain the coordinate value.
        the coordinate value at the given dimension.
        IndexOutOfBoundsException - if the given index is negative or is equals or greater than the grid dimension.