Interface GridPacking

  • @Deprecated
    public interface GridPacking
    In favor of migrating to ISO 19123 definition for Coverage.
    Describes the packing of data values within grid coverages. It includes the packing scheme of data values with less then 8 bits per value within a byte, byte packing (Little Endian / Big Endian) for values with more than 8 bits and the packing of the values within the dimensions.
    Warning — this class will change
    Current API is derived from OGC Grid Coverages Implementation specification 1.0. We plan to replace it by new interfaces derived from ISO 19123 (Schema for coverage geometry and functions). Current interfaces should be considered as legacy and are included in this distribution only because they were part of GeoAPI 1.0 release. We will try to preserve as much compatibility as possible, but no migration plan has been determined yet.
    GeoAPI 1.0
    • Method Detail

      • getByteInValuePacking

        ByteInValuePacking getByteInValuePacking()
        Order of bytes packed in values for sample dimensions with greater than 8 bits.
      • getValueInBytePacking

        ValueInBytePacking getValueInBytePacking()
        Order of values packed in a byte for sample dimensions with less than 8 bits. This include UNSIGNED_1BIT, UNSIGNED_2BITS and UNSIGNED_4BITS data types.
      • getBandPacking

        int getBandPacking()
        Gives the ordinate index for the band. This index indicates how to form a band-specific coordinate from a grid coordinate and a sample dimension number. This indicates the order in which the grid values are stored in streamed data. This packing order is used when grid values are retrieved using the getPackedDataBlock or set using setPackedDataBlock operations on GridCoverage. bandPacking of
        • 0 : the full band-specific coordinate is (b, n1, n2...)
        • 1 : the full band-specific coordinate is (n1, b, n2...)
        • 2 : the full band-specific coordinate is (n1, n2, b...)
        • b is band
        • n1 is dimension 1
        • n2 is dimension 2
        For 2 dimensional grids, band packing of 0 is referred to as band sequential, 1 line interleaved and 2 pixel interleaved.
        See Also:
        BandedSampleModel, PixelInterleavedSampleModel