Interface HexagonalGridCoverage

  • All Superinterfaces:
    ContinuousCoverage, Coverage

    public interface HexagonalGridCoverage
    extends ContinuousCoverage
    Evaluates a coverage at direct positions within a network of hexagons centered on a set of grid points. Evaluation is based on interpolation between the centres of the ValueHexagons surrounding the input position.

    Coverages are sometimes based on tessellations composed of regular hexagons. Such tessellations are usually called hexagonal grids. In fact, the centers of a set of regular hexagons that form such a tessellation correspond to the grid points of a quadrilateral grid. That grid can be described as a rectified grid in which the two offset vectors are of equal length but differ in direction by 60°. The length of a side of the hexagon is L = S×tan 30°, where S is the length of the offset vector. This means that the values in the coverage range can be stored as a grid values matrix and accessed through a sequence rule. The hexagons are the Thiessen polygons that are generated around the grid points.

    Note: A set of Thiessen polygons generated from the grid points of any 2-dimensional rectified grid described by two offset vectors that are equal in length but not orthogonal will be a set of congruent hexagons. The hexagons will be irregular unless the offset vectors differ in direction by exactly 60°.
    GeoAPI 2.1