Interface RectifiedGrid

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Grid, ReferenceableGrid

    public interface RectifiedGrid
    extends ReferenceableGrid
    Grid for which there is an affine transformation between the grid coordinates and the coordinates of an external coordinate reference system. A rectified grid is defined by an origin in an external coordinate reference system, and a set of offset vectors that specify the direction and distance between grid lines within that external CRS.
    Note: If the coordinate reference system is related to the earth by a datum, the grid is a georectified grid.


    GeoAPI 2.1
    Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
    ISO 19123 defines RectifiedGrid as a direct sub-type of Grid. In GeoAPI, RectifiedGrid extends Grid indirectly, through ReferenceableGrid. In the GeoAPI hierarchy, RectifiedGrid is considered as a special case of ReferenceableGrid where the grid to CRS coordinate operation is affine. This hierarchy make easier to leverage the same code for both the affine and non-affine cases when the code does not require a strictly affine operation.