Interface Property

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    Attribute<V>, FeatureAssociation

    public interface Property
    An instance of a PropertyType. A property is usually part of another entity such as a Feature. This interface is the parent type of attribute and feature association but not feature.

    A property is a wrapper around an arbitrary object or value. It provides the following information:

    • A value, available via the getValue() method. The value can be set via a setter method provided by the sub-interface.
    • A type, available via the getType() or getRole() method provided by the sub-interface. The PropertyType defines information about the property. This includes which Java class the value of the property is an instance of, any restrictions on the value, etc.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        GenericName getName()
        Returns the name of this property. This is a convenience method for getType().getName() or getRole().getName(), depending on the sub-interface.
        name of this property.
      • getValue

        Object getValue()
        Returns the value or content of the property, or null if none.
        the value of the property, or null if none.