Interface FilterFactory2

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    public interface FilterFactory2
    extends FilterFactory
    Allows creation of additional Filter constructs.

    Why do we need this? Because not all implementations are going to be using geoapi Geometry. This allows the creation of complient filters with SFSQL Geometry constructs. Consider this a bridge to existing projects allowing GeoAPI to be used.

    GeoAPI 2.1
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      • property

        PropertyName property​(GenericName name)
        Retrieves the value of a feature's property.
      • bbox

        BBOX bbox​(Expression geometry,
                  double minx,
                  double miny,
                  double maxx,
                  double maxy,
                  String srs)
        Checks if the geometry expression overlaps the specified bounding box.
      • bbox

        BBOX bbox​(Expression geometry,
                  Envelope bounds)
        Checks if the bounding box of the feature's geometry overlaps the indicated bounds.

        This method does not strictly confirm to the the Filter 1.0 specification, you may use it to check expressions other than PropertyName.

        geometry - expression used to access a Geometry, in order to check for interaction with bounds
        bounds - indicates the bounds to check geometry against
      • beyond

        Beyond beyond​(Expression geometry1,
                      Expression geometry2,
                      double distance,
                      String units)
        Check if all of a geometry is more distant than the given distance from this object's geometry.
      • contains

        Contains contains​(Expression geometry1,
                          Expression geometry2)
        Checks if the the first geometric operand contains the second.
      • dwithin

        DWithin dwithin​(Expression geometry1,
                        Expression geometry2,
                        double distance,
                        String units)
        Checks if any part of the first geometry lies within the given distance of the second geometry.
      • equal

        Equals equal​(Expression geometry1,
                     Expression geometry2)
        Checks if the geometry of the two operands are equal.
        should be equal, resolve conflict with PropertyIsEqualTo equals( Expression, Expression )
      • overlaps

        Overlaps overlaps​(Expression geometry1,
                          Expression geometry2)
        Checks if the interior of the first geometry somewhere overlaps the interior of the second geometry.
      • touches

        Touches touches​(Expression propertyName1,
                        Expression geometry2)
        Checks if the feature's geometry touches, but does not overlap with the geometry held by this object.
      • within

        Within within​(Expression geometry1,
                      Expression geometry2)
        Checks if the feature's geometry is completely contained by the specified constant geometry.