Interface Id

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    public interface Id
    extends Filter
    A filter that passes only the Identifiers listed.

    This application of this filter for Features is well established:

    • FeatureId - used for GML2 Features
    • GeometryId - used for GML3 Features and Geometry constructs
    We also have the following identifiers:
    • RecordId - from CSW-2
    • ObjectId - from CSW-2

    You can check what kind of Identifiers are supported using:

     idCapabilities.hasFID() == true;             // for FeatureId
     idCapabilities.hasEID() == true;             // no idea ...
    • Method Detail

      • getIDs

        Set<Object> getIDs()
        Set of IDs representing the Identifiers used by this filter.
      • getIdentifiers

        Set<Identifier> getIdentifiers()
        Returns the set of identifiers used by this filter.