Interface SpatialOperators

  • public interface SpatialOperators
    Supported spatial operators in a filter capabilities document.
      <xsd:complexType name="Spatial_OperatorsType">
          <xsd:choice maxOccurs="unbounded">
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:BBOX"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Equals"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Disjoint"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Intersect"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Touches"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Crosses"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Within"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Contains"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Overlaps"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:Beyond"/>
              <xsd:element ref="ogc:DWithin"/>
    • Method Detail

      • getOperator

        SpatialOperator getOperator​(String name)
        Looks up an operator by name, returning null if no such operator found.
        name - the name of the operator.
        the operator, or null.