Interface CompositeCurve

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    Complex, Composite, Geometry, OrientableCurve, OrientablePrimitive, Primitive, TransfiniteSet
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    public interface CompositeCurve
    extends Composite, OrientableCurve
    A complex with all the geometric properties of a curve. Thus, this composite can be considered as a type of orientable curve. Essentially, a composite curve is a list of orientable curves agreeing in orientation in a manner such that each curve (except the first) begins where the previous one ends.
    GeoAPI 1.0
    This interface extends (indirectly) both Primitive and Complex. Consequently, there is a clash in the semantics of some set theoretic operation. Specifically, Primitive.contains(\u2026) (returns FALSE for end points) is different from Complex.contains(\u2026) (returns TRUE for end points).
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      • getGenerators

        List<OrientableCurve> getGenerators()
        Returns the list of orientable curves in this composite. To get a full representation of the elements in the complex, the points on the boundary of the generator set of curve would be added to the curves in the generator list.
        Specified by:
        getGenerators in interface Composite
        the list of orientable curves in this composite.
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