Interface CompositeSolid

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    Complex, Composite, Geometry, Primitive, Solid, TransfiniteSet

    public interface CompositeSolid
    extends Composite, Solid
    A complex with all the geometric properties of a solid. Essentially, a composite solid is a set of solids that join in pairs on common boundary surfaces to form a single solid.
    GeoAPI 2.1
    This interface extends (indirectly) both Primitive and Complex. Consequently, there is a clash in the semantics of some set theoretic operation. Specifically, Primitive.contains(\u2026) (returns FALSE for end points) is different from Complex.contains(\u2026) (returns TRUE for end points).
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      • getGenerators

        Set<Solid> getGenerators()
        Returns the set of solids that form the core of this complex. To get a full representation of the elements in the complex, the surfaces, curves and points on the boundary of the generator set if solids would have to be added to the generator list.
        Specified by:
        getGenerators in interface Composite
        the set of solids in this composite.
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