Interface AffinePlacement

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    public interface AffinePlacement
    extends Placement
    A placement defined by linear transformation from the parameter space to the target coordinate space. In 2-dimensional Cartesian parameter space, (u, v), transforms into a 3-dimensional coordinate reference system, (x, y, z), by using an affine transformation, (u, v) → (x, y, z), which is defined:
    Afine placement
    Then, given this equation, the getLocation() method returns the direct position (x₀, y₀, z₀), which is the target position of the origin in (u, v). The two reference directions (ux, uy, uz) and (vx, vy, vz) are the target directions of the unit basis vectors at the origin in (u, v).
    Refactor as an org.opengis.referencing.operation.AffineTransform interface?
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      • getReferenceDirection

        double[] getReferenceDirection​(int dimension)
        Gives the target directions for the coordinate basis vectors of the parameter space. These are the columns of the matrix in the formulae given in the class description. The number of directions given shall be inDimension. The dimension of the directions shall be outDimension.
        dimension - the in dimension, as an index from 0 inclusive to inDimension exclusive.
        the direction as an array of length outDimension.