Interface GriddedSurface

  • All Superinterfaces:
    GenericSurface, ParametricCurveSurface, SurfacePatch
    All Known Subinterfaces:
    BicubicGrid, BilinearGrid, BSplineSurface, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere

    public interface GriddedSurface
    extends ParametricCurveSurface
    A parametric curve surface defined from a rectangular grid in the parameter space. The rows from this grid are control points for horizontal surface curves; the columns are control points for vertical surface curves. The working assumption is that for a pair of parametric coordinates (st), that the horizontal curves for each integer offset are calculated and evaluated at s. This defines a sequence of control points:
    <cn(s) : s = 1 … columns>
    From this sequence, a vertical curve is calculated for s, and evaluated at t. In most cases, the order of calculation (horizontal-vertical versus vertical-horizontal) does not make a difference. Where it does, the horizontal-vertical order shall be the one used.

    The most common case of a gridded surface is a 2D spline. In this case the weight functions for each parameter make order of calculation unimportant:

    TODO: copy equations there
    Logically, any pair of curve interpolation types can lead to a subtype of GriddedSurface. The sub-interfaces provided in this package define some of the most commonly encountered surfaces that can be represented in this manner.
    GeoAPI 2.0