Interface Knot

  • @UML(identifier="GM_Knot",
    public interface Knot
    Controls the constructive parameter space for spline curves and surfaces. Each knot sequence is used for a dimension of the spline's parameter space. Thus, in a surface spline, there will be two knot sequences, one for each parameter (u, v). The ith, jth would be (ui, vj), where the original knot sequences were (ui) and (vj). Each knot of a spline curve or surface is described using a Knot.
    GeoAPI 2.0
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      int getMultiplicity()
      The multiplicity of this knot used in the definition of the spline (with the same weight).
      double getValue()
      The value of the parameter at the knot of the spline.
      double getWeight()
      The value of the averaging weight used for this knot of the spline.