Interface Parameterization

  • @Draft
    public interface Parameterization
    A locally bi-continuous mapping from a domain coordinate system to a range coordinate system. The mapping is defined inside a geometry object (the extent of validity contained in the domain of the parameterization). This allows us to define a “smaller” geometry object interior this domain geometry object, and then use transform operation of the parameterization to move this smaller thing into the coordinate system defined by the range of the parameterization.
    For example, if we have a 3D CAD or AEC drawing in a Euclidean design space, and a 3D spline solid, then we can map designs in this drawing to geographically referenced geometry object by using the parameterization inherent in the spline as long as the objects are within the range of the splines parameter space.
    It is defined as an interface, and so instantiations of this concept can carry a variety of mappings, even if they are not defined within the ISO 19107 standard.
    This interface is defined in the ISO 19107 draft. But maybe we should consider retrofitting it in the GeoAPI org.opengis.referencing.operation.MathTransform interface instead. See GEO-203.