Interface Polygon

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      • getBoundary

        SurfaceBoundary getBoundary()
        The surface boundary that is the boundary of this polygon. The boundary of a surface patch need not be in the same complex as the containing surface. The curves that are contained in the interior of the surface (act as common boundary to 2 surface patches) are not part of any complex in which the surface is contained. They are purely constructive and would not play in any topological relation between surface and curve that defines the connectivity of the complex.
        Specified by:
        getBoundary in interface SurfacePatch
        the boundary of this SurfacePatch
      • getSpanningSurface

        List<Surface> getSpanningSurface()
        Provides a mechanism for spanning the interior of the polygon. The spanning surface should have no boundary components that intersect the boundary of the polygon, and there should be no ambiguity as to which portion of the surface is described by the bounding curves for the polygon. The most common spanning surface is an elevation model, which is not directly described in this standard, although tins and gridded surfaces are often used in this role.