Interface PolynomialSpline

  • All Superinterfaces:
    CurveSegment, GenericCurve, SplineCurve
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    public interface PolynomialSpline
    extends SplineCurve
    A polynimal spline. An "nth degree" polynomial spline shall be defined piecewise as an n-degree polynomial, with up to Cn-1 continuity at the control points where the defining polynomial changes. This level of continuity is controlled by the attribute numDerivativesInterior. Parameters shall include directions for as many as degree - 2 derivatives of the polynomial at the start and end point of the segment. LineString is equivalent to a 1st degree polynomial spline. It has simple continuity at the control points (C⁰), but does not require derivative information (degree - 2 = -1).

    NOTE: The major difference between the polynomial splines and the b-splines (basis splines) is that polynomial splines pass through their control points, making the control point and sample point array identical.

    GeoAPI 2.0