Interface Triangle

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    GenericSurface, Polygon, SurfacePatch

    public interface Triangle
    extends Polygon
    A planar polygon defined by 3 corners. That is, a triangle would be the result of a constructor of the form: Polygon(LineString({P1, P2, P3, P1})) where P₁, P₂, and P₃ are three positions. Triangles have no holes. Triangle shall be used to construct triangulated surfaces.

    Note: The points in a triangle can be located in terms of their corner points by defining a set of barycentric coordinates, three nonnegative numbers c₁, c₂, and c₃ such that c₁ + c₂ + c₃ = 1.0. Then, each point P in the triangle can be expressed for some set of barycentric coordinates as:

    P = c₁P₁ + c₂P₂ + c₃P₃
    GeoAPI 2.0
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      • getCorners

        List<Position> getCorners()
        Returns the triangle corner. The list must contains exactly 3 elements.