Interface SamplingFeature

    • Method Detail

      • getRelatedSamplingFeature

        List<SamplingFeatureRelation> getRelatedSamplingFeature()
        Sampling features are frequently related to each other, as parts of complexes, networks, through sub-sampling, etc. This is supported by the relatedSamplingFeature association with a SamplingFeatureRelation association class, which carries a source, target and role.
      • getSurveyDetail

        SurveyProcedure getSurveyDetail()
        A common requirement for sampling features is an indication of the SurveyProcedure that provides the surveyDetails related to determination of its location and shape.
      • getSampledFeature

        List<AnyFeature> getSampledFeature()
        A SamplingFeature must be associated with one or more other features through an association role sampledFeature. This association records the intention of the sample design. The target of this association will usually be a domain feature.
      • getRelatedObservation

        List<Observation> getRelatedObservation()
        A SamplingFeature is distinguished from typical domain feature types in that it has a set of [0..*] navigable associations with Observations, given the rolename relatedObservation. This complements the association role "featureOfInterest" which is constrained to point back from the Observation to the Sampling-Feature. The usual requirement of an Observation feature-of-interest is that its type has a property matching the observed-property on the Observation. In the case of Sampling-features, the topology of the model and navigability of the relatedObservation role means that this requirement is satisfied automatically: a property of the sampling-feature is implied by the observedProperty of a related observation. This effectively provides an unlimited set of "soft-typed" properties on a Sampling Feature.