Interface ReferenceSystem

    • Method Detail

      • getDomainOfValidity

        Extent getDomainOfValidity()
        Area or region or timeframe in which this (coordinate) reference system is valid.
        the reference system valid domain, or null if not available.
        Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
        This method has been kept conformant with the specification published in 2003. Later revisions changed the multiplicity, so the return type should now be a collection. The singleton has been preserved in GeoAPI for historical reasons, and also because the Extent attributes already allow collections.
      • getScope

        InternationalString getScope()
        Description of domain of usage, or limitations of usage, for which this Reference System object is valid.
        the domain of usage, or null if none.
        Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
        This method was initially derived from the ISO 19111 specification published in 2003. Later revision (ISO 19111:2007) differs in 3 aspects:
        • ISO 19111:2007 moved this property from this type to the SC_CRS subtype. GeoAPI keeps this property here for historical reasons.
        • ISO 19111:2007 changed the obligation from optional to mandatory and requires the value to be "not known" if the scope is unknown. GeoAPI lefts the obligation unchanged: optional with null value for unknown scope.
        • ISO 19111:2007 changed the multiplicity from singleton to a collection. GeoAPI keeps the singleton type for historical reasons.