Class RangeMeaning

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        public static final RangeMeaning WRAPAROUND
        The axis is continuous with values wrapping around at the minimum value and maximum value. Values with the same meaning repeat modulo the difference between maximum value and minimum value.
        Example: In a geographic CRS, longitude values are often defined with a finite extent (e.g., from -180 degrees to +180 degrees). The minimum and maximum longitude limits define a single line (on the ellipsoid, sphere, or cylinder), known as the anti-meridian, across which longitude values are discontinuous: as this line is crossed, longitude changes abruptly (e.g., going West from a little more than -180° to a little less than +180°).
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      • values

        public static RangeMeaning[] values()
        Returns the list of RangeMeanings.
        the list of codes declared in the current JVM.
      • family

        public RangeMeaning[] family()
        Returns the list of codes of the same kind than this code list element. Invoking this method is equivalent to invoking values(), except that this method can be invoked on an instance of the parent CodeList class.
        Specified by:
        family in interface ControlledVocabulary
        Specified by:
        family in class CodeList<RangeMeaning>
        all code values for this code list.
      • valueOf

        public static RangeMeaning valueOf​(String code)
        Returns the range meaning that matches the given string, or returns a new one if none match it. More specifically, this methods returns the first instance for which name().equals(code) returns true. If no existing instance is found, then a new one is created for the given name.
        code - the name of the code to fetch or to create.
        a code matching the given name.