Interface ReferenceSystemUsingIdentifiers

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IdentifiedObject, ReferenceSystem

    public interface ReferenceSystemUsingIdentifiers
    extends ReferenceSystem
    Spatial reference system using geographic identifiers instead than coordinates for describing locations. A spatial reference system using geographic identifiers shall comprise at least one location types. Each location instance shall be uniquely identified by means of a geographic identifier. A spatial reference system using geographic identifiers shall be minimally described by the following attributes:
    • name
    • theme
    • overall owner
    • territory of use
    Spatial reference systems shall be immutable: a new version of the spatial reference system shall be created whenever any LocationType is created or destroyed, or a new version of a LocationType is created. The version reference is included in the name of the spatial reference system.
    Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
    The name has been shortened by omitting the Spatial and Geographic parts of the name. This is consistent with the change of getDomainOfValidity() return type, which had to be relaxed from geographic extent to more generic extent.