Interface MathTransform1D

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    public interface MathTransform1D
    extends MathTransform
    Transforms one-dimensional coordinate points. CoordinateOperation.getMathTransform() may returns instance of this interface when source and destination coordinate systems are both one dimensional. MathTransform1D extends MathTransform by adding a simple method transforming a value without the overhead of creating data array.
    Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
    This interface is not part of the OGC specification. It has been added as a complement of MathTransform2D and because the 1D case provides opportunities for optimization through a transform method accepting a single double primitive type.
    • Method Detail

      • transform

        double transform​(double value)
                  throws TransformException
        Transforms the specified value.
        value - the value to transform.
        the transformed value.
        TransformException - if the value can not be transformed.
      • derivative

        double derivative​(double value)
                   throws TransformException
        Gets the derivative of this function at a value. The derivative is the 1×1 matrix of the non-translating portion of the approximate affine map at the value.
        value - the value where to evaluate the derivative.
        the derivative at the specified point.
        TransformException - if the derivative can not be evaluated at the specified point.