Interface MathTransform2D

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    public interface MathTransform2D
    extends MathTransform
    Transforms two-dimensional coordinate points. CoordinateOperation.getMathTransform() may returns instance of this interface when source and destination coordinate systems are both two dimensional. MathTransform2D extends MathTransform by adding some methods for easier inter-operability with Java2D.
    Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
    This interface is not part of OGC specification. It has been added in GeoAPI for close integration with the Java2D library. The API defined in this interface matches the java.awt.geom.AffineTransform API.
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      • transform

        Point2D transform​(Point2D ptSrc,
                          Point2D ptDst)
                   throws TransformException
        Transforms the specified ptSrc and stores the result in ptDst. If ptDst is null, a new Point2D object is allocated and then the result of the transformation is stored in this object. In either case, ptDst, which contains the transformed point, is returned for convenience. If ptSrc and ptDst are the same object, the input point is correctly overwritten with the transformed point.
        ptSrc - the coordinate point to be transformed.
        ptDst - the coordinate point that stores the result of transforming ptSrc, or null if a new point shall be created.
        the coordinate point after transforming ptSrc and storing the result in ptDst or in a new point if ptDst was null.
        TransformException - if the point can not be transformed.
        See Also:
        AffineTransform.transform(Point2D, Point2D)
      • createTransformedShape

        Shape createTransformedShape​(Shape shape)
                              throws TransformException
        Transforms the specified shape. This method may replace straight lines by quadratic curves when applicable. It may also do the opposite (replace curves by straight lines). The returned shape doesn't need to have the same number of points than the original shape.
        shape - the Shape to transform.
        the transformed shape. Some implementations may returns shape unmodified if this transform is identity.
        TransformException - if a transform failed.
        See Also:
      • derivative

        Matrix derivative​(Point2D point)
                   throws TransformException
        Gets the derivative of this transform at a point. The derivative is the matrix of the non-translating portion of the approximate affine map at the point.
        point - the coordinate point where to evaluate the derivative. Null value is accepted only if the derivative is the same everywhere. For example affine transform accept null value since they produces identical derivative no matter the coordinate value. But most map projection will requires a non-null value.
        the derivative at the specified point as a 2×2 matrix. This method never returns an internal object: changing the matrix will not change the state of this math transform.
        NullPointerException - if the derivative dependents on coordinate and point is null.
        TransformException - if the derivative can not be evaluated at the specified point.