Interface NamedLayer

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    public interface NamedLayer
    extends Layer
    A named layer is a layer that can be accessed from an OGC Web Server using a well-known name.
    GeoAPI 2.2
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      • getConstraints

        LayerFeatureConstraints getConstraints()
        The LayerFeatureConstraints element is optional in a NamedLayer and allows the user to specify constraints on what features of what feature types are to be selected by the named-layer reference. It is essentially a filter that allows the selection of fewer features than are present in the named layer.
      • styles

        List<? extends LayerStyle> styles()
        A named styled layer can include any number of named styles and user-defined styles, including zero, mixed in any order. If zero styles are specified, then the default styling for the specified named layer is to be used.
      • accept

        Object accept​(SLDVisitor visitor,
                      Object extraData)
        calls the visit method of a SLDVisitor
        visitor - the sld visitor