Interface SLDFactory

  • public interface SLDFactory
    Factory used in the production of SLD objects.

    This factory is responsible for the production of sld objects; where noted these create methods are in agreement with the Style Layer Descriptor 1.1 specification. This factory is pending. We need feedback from implementors before writting methods in this one.

    GeoAPI 2.2
    • Method Detail

      • createSLDLibrary

        SLDLibrary createSLDLibrary​(OnlineResource online)
        Create an SLD library, an SLD library holds a online reference to a SLD file.
        online - : OnlineResource, can not be null.
      • createNamedLayer

        NamedLayer createNamedLayer()
        Create a default named layer.
      • createUserLayer

        UserLayer createUserLayer()
        Create a default user layer.
      • createNamedStyle

        NamedStyle createNamedStyle()
        Create a default named style.
      • createUserStyle

        Style createUserStyle()
        Create a default User style.
        Style : this object is a OGC SE Style defined in the style package.
      • createRemoteOWS

        RemoteOWS createRemoteOWS​(String service,
                                  OnlineResource online)
        Create a RemoteOWS information object.
        service - : can not be null
        online - : can not be null
      • createInLineFeature

        InlineFeature createInLineFeature​(Collection<Collection<Feature>> features)
        Create a Inline feature content.
        features - : collection of features, can be null
      • createLayerCoverageConstraints

        LayerCoverageConstraints createLayerCoverageConstraints()
        Create a default layer coverage constraints.
      • createLayerFeatureConstraints

        LayerFeatureConstraints createLayerFeatureConstraints()
        Create a default layer feature constraints.
      • createCoverageConstraint

        CoverageConstraint createCoverageConstraint​(String name,
                                                    CoverageExtent extent)
        Create a coverage constraint.
        name - : can not be null
        extent - : can be null
      • createFeatureTypeConstraint

        FeatureTypeConstraint createFeatureTypeConstraint​(GenericName name,
                                                          Filter filter,
                                                          List<Extent> extents)
        Create a feature type constraint.
        name - : can be null
        filter - : can be null
        extents - : can be null
      • createCoverageExtent

        CoverageExtent createCoverageExtent​(String timeperiod)
        Create a coverage extent.
        timeperiod - : can not be null
      • createCoverageExtent

        CoverageExtent createCoverageExtent​(List<RangeAxis> ranges)
        Create a coverage extent.
        ranges - : can be null or empty
      • createExtent

        Extent createExtent​(String name,
                            String value)
        Create a feature extent.
        name - : can not be null
        value - : can not be null
      • createRangeAxis

        RangeAxis createRangeAxis​(String name,
                                  String value)
        Create a Range axis.
        name - : can not be null
        value - : can not be null