Interface SLDLibrary

  • @XmlElement("UseSLDLibrary")
    public interface SLDLibrary
    The UseSLDLibrary element provides the ability of handling external SLD documents to be used in library-mode even when using XML-encoded POST requests with a WMS. (The library mode can be accessed with the HTTP-GET method by supplying an SLD CGI parameter in addition to LAYERS and STYLES CGI parameters.) This addition merely exercises pre-existing functionality in WMS, but it does add the wrinkle of making SLD-library references iterative and (syntactically) recursive. Successive definitions are applied “on top of” previous ones to determine the scoping of overlapping style definitions.
    GeoAPI 2.2
    • Method Detail

      • getOnlineResource

        OnlineResource getOnlineResource()
        The OnlineResource must refer to an SLD document.
      • getSLD

        StyledLayerDescriptor getSLD()
        This is a convinient method for the one using this interface. If we only provide the getOnlineResource method the user would be stuck because he might not no how to parse correctly the given file. This method must be implemented correctly and return the SLD object resulting from the parsing of the OnlineResource.
      • accept

        Object accept​(SLDVisitor visitor,
                      Object extraData)
        calls the visit method of a SLDVisitor
        visitor - the sld visitor