Interface ExternalGraphic

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    public interface ExternalGraphic
    extends GraphicalSymbol
    Points to an external file that contains an image of some kind, such as a CGM, JPG, or SVG.
    GeoAPI 2.2
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      • getOnlineResource

        OnlineResource getOnlineResource()
        Returns a OnlineResource to a file (perhaps a local file) that contains an image. This can be null if the image is already loaded locally and the InlineContent property is set.
      • getInlineContent

        Icon getInlineContent()
        Returns the InlineContent that comprise the image. This overrides the OnlineResource property, if it is set.
      • getFormat

        String getFormat()
        Returns the mime type of the onlineResource/InlineContent
        mime type
      • getColorReplacements

        Collection<ColorReplacement> getColorReplacements()
        The ColorReplacement element, which may occur multiple times, allows to replace a color in the ExternalGraphic, the color specified in the OriginalColor sub-element, by another color as a result of a recode function as defined in Interpolate.
      • accept

        Object accept​(StyleVisitor visitor,
                      Object extraData)
        calls the visit method of a StyleVisitor
        visitor - the style visitor