Interface TextSymbolizer

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    public interface TextSymbolizer
    extends Symbolizer
    Indicates how text will be drawn.
    GeoAPI 2.2
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      • getLabel

        Expression getLabel()
        Returns the expression that will be evaluated to determine what text is displayed. If a Label element is not provided in a TextSymbolizer, then no text shall be rendered.
      • getFont

        Font getFont()
        Returns the Font to apply on the text.
      • getHalo

        Halo getHalo()
        Returns the object that indicates if a Halo will be drawn around the text. If null, a halo will not be drawn.
      • getFill

        Fill getFill()
        Returns the object that indicates how the text will be filled.
      • accept

        Object accept​(StyleVisitor visitor,
                      Object extraData)
        calls the visit method of a StyleVisitor
        Specified by:
        accept in interface Symbolizer
        visitor - the style visitor
        value produced