Interface CodeList.Filter

  • Enclosing class:
    CodeList<E extends CodeList<E>>

    public static interface CodeList.Filter
    Used by CodeList.valueOf(Class, Filter) to select codes matching an arbitrary criterion.
    Departure from OGC/ISO specification:
    The inner CodeList.Filter interface is not part of the OGC specification. It has been added because CodeList is one of the few concrete classes in GeoAPI and there is a need to give some user control over the behavior of the CodeList implementation.
    • Method Detail

      • accept

        boolean accept​(CodeList<?> code)
        Returns true if the given code matches the criterion defined by this filter.
        code - the code to test.
        true if the code matches the criterion.
      • codename

        String codename()
        Returns the name of the code being looked for, or null if unknown. This method is invoked by CodeList.valueOf(Class, Filter) if no code match the criterion defined by this filter. In such case, there is a choice:
        • If this method returns a non-null name, then a new code of that name is created.
        • Otherwise, no new code is created and CodeList.valueOf returns null.
        the name of the code being looked for, or null.